Hi, I'm Emily!
I'm currently a sophomore studying computer science and cognitive science at UC Berkeley. This website is an online collection of what I create: computery things, designy things, and artsy things. I enjoy 0.36mm ink pens, sans serif fonts, taking pictures, and lifting heavy things and putting them down.

Currently, I'm...

Contact me at emily.zhong[at]berkeley[dot]edu
Stern Snapchat Geofilter
After I noticed the lack of geofilters for my all girl's dormitory, compared to the two that exist for the neighboring co-ed dorm, I designed an approved location-based Snapchat vector image for UC Berkeley’s Stern residential hall using Adobe Illustrator.
I worked in a team on a redesign mock-up of the AZ Lyrics website's homepage, artist, and lyrics layouts using HTML and CSS.

Thermochromic Business Cards
I created heat-sensitive, interactive business cards that focus on human interaction when exchanging business cards. When subject to the heat of a person's hand, the thermochromic pigment turns clear, revealing my contact information hidden underneath.
I designed a mock up for MeetUp, a mobile application that streamlines event-planning as a portal for messaging and event creating.

I created a nutrition label redesign that focused on representing nutritional data in a more visual manner and increasing comprehensiveness of what nutrients were beneficial or detrimental.

CS Scholars Logo
I used Adobe Illustrator to design the current logo for the CS Scholars program at UC Berkeley, which focuses on aiding underrepresented minorities in cs by providing resources for introductory computer science courses.
Trash Free:
A Social Media Campaign
I designed a graphic promotional image to kickoff the hashtag #trashfree2017, which promotes minimizing waste in people's day-to-day life to bar climate change. Create through and lettering and Adobe Photoshop.
Self Reflection
Digital Photography | 2016
"Smoke and mirrors" is an idiom that references magic tricks, suggesting trickery or deception. While I may not intentionally deceive others, I find a form on unconscious deception, as the way I view myself is different from how others perceive me.
Vegetable oil, oil paint, acrylic paint, borosilicate glass | 2015
I often mask my sadness with anger. Once anger disappates, my sadness is revealed with regret from my actions.

I used similar and opposite molecular polarities between vegetable oil, oil paint, and acrylic paint to create the dissolving effect. The similar refractive indexes of vegetable oil and borosilicate glass created the suspended painting illusion.
Adobe Photoshop | 2016
As technology advances, so does communication, allowing the media to reach more readers and audiences. Sensationalized stories often make the top of trending charts; do not let the influx of exaggerated stories distort your perspective.
21st Century Communcation
18"x24" Charcoal | 2015
Our cell phones make communication possible over unthinkable distances, yet it also creates less personal relationships as in-person communication is overlooked in lieu of the push of a few buttons.
Uncomfortable in my own skin
Vegetable tanned leather | 2015
A representation of three individual's physical insecurities. The abstracted forms remove associations with the human body, yet the skin medium maintains their origins.

Vegetable tanned leather, like human skin, turns darker when exposed to UV light. I used photo negatives to filter light, allowing the sun to naturally develop the image.
5 Stages of Grief
Paper Collage | 2015
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance
Am I Thin Enough?
Bristol Paper | 2015
Trapped in a cycle of binge-eating and purging, many affected by bulimia feel unable to escape until they reach the unattainable "perfect" figure.
Summer in the Studio
18"x24" Charcoal | 2015
Summer in the art studio is broken air conditioning. Students scramble to sit in front of the industrial fan's blasts of hot air, breaking the stagnancy of summer in the studio.
Stockholm Syndrome
Digital Photography | 2013
As technology advances, people's lives become more integrated-- and trapped-- with their electronic devices.