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Daily Cal Design

I did design work for the Daily Californian, an independent, student-run newspaper that covers UC Berkeley and the surrounding city. Starting in Spring of 2017, I created infographics to accompany articles and promotional social media graphics; I later focused mostly on promotional material such as social media graphics and advertisements.

Below, I've included selected work from my time doing design at the Daily Californian. Click on each image to expand.


My very first infographic, created to accompany an article about a newly discovered planet.

A fun and cheeky flow-chart infographic created for the 2017 Housing Special Issue to help readers decide between housing options. This piece was featured in a full-page print on the back of the issue and on UC Berkeley's official Facebook page! Click on image to follow along and see which housing option works best for you.

A timeline documenting the history of marijuana that accompanied this article.

Promotional Media

A flyer advertising print space in Daily Cal's annual sex issue, one of the most-read special issues each year. Content has been edited. Click to view details

Local businesses often request designed advertisements from our production team. This one was created for a local restaurant. Click to view details

A Facebook cover photo intended to advertise our 2017 Cal Day special issue, where prospective freshman come and tour the school.


I honestly believe I grew the most as a designer creating weekly work under a time crunch and high expectations to meet. I learned a lot about working with a given set of design guidelines, along with the requests of clients. Coming into UC Berkeley, I did not expect to do design from a newspaper, let alone join — this experience, and the amount I learned really taught me that design can be taught, learned, and applied nearly anywhere.