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In the beginning of college, I challenged myself to go beyond my comfort zone of pixels and learn how to create with vectors in Illustrator. A huge part of my initial development was finding a project that interested me enough to complete, and thus I started making Snapchat Geofilters, location-based graphics that users can add onto their pictures on the application.

Stern Hall

This is the first Geofilter I created, for Stern Hall, the all-womens residential hall that I lived in my first year of college. It features the familar pink and yellow front of Stern Hall when trekking up the steep driveway. Made in Fall of 2016, this was before Snapchat had analytics for community Geofilters, so I really have no idea how often it's used.

My Stern Hall Geofilter placed on top of the actual, real-life Stern Hall! Click image to enlarge.

UC Berkeley

With UC Berkeley's iconic Sather Gate that greets students and visitors to the main part of campus, this Geofilter spans all of UC Berkeley's campus and a bit beyond that too! I originally created it in Spring 2017 for a Daily Cal promotion, but decided later to reuse it for a Geofilter. It has since been used over 161 thousand times, with over 8.5 million views.

My UC Berkeley Geofilter placed on top of the actual, real-life Sather Gate! Fun fact: the gate from the movie Monster's University is based off this gate. Click image to enlarge.

Geofilters are definitely very fun to make, and it's incredibly exciting and gratifying to see people use and enjoy them. It's definitely a great way to get yourself out there as a motivation to start learning and designing, and I hope to make many more Geofilters in the future!