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Graphic Design

I spent most of my childhood growing up in Silicon Valley thinking about becoming and artist and designer, not about the technology around me. While the second part has changed a bit, my love for visual design is still a constant. Here is a collection of graphics that I have created over time.

You Succ

The outer and inner designs for a cheeky Valentine's day card, accompanied with succulents as a gift.

Daily Californian: March Madness

I created this icon for the Daily Californian's March Madness special issue, incorporating both the student newspaper and the basketball-oriented issue.

The Daily Cal is Fake News

Created for a Daily Cal design hackathon, where the theme was "The Daily Californian is Fake News"

Daily Cal Sex Issue

A flyer advertising print space in Daily Cal's annual sex issue, one of the most-read special issues each year. Content has been edited. Click to view details

Berkeley Beats

Berkeley Beats is part of the Daily Californian's multimedia projects, where local musicians are invited to the office to record live music, which is then released online. This is their logo that I created!


CalTV is a student-run online television network that reached out to Innovative Design for a logo redesign. This is my logo redesign, reminiscent of their previous target/signal waves design, along with three variations of the logo to be used in different contexts and sizes.

Web Design DeCal TA Promotion

The Web Design DeCal is a 2-unit student-run course at UC Berkeley that teaches non-cs majors how to make a beautiful website. We teach HTML, CSS, and jQuery, along with lectures on design theory and UI/UX principles. This is a graphic made to promote the TA application for the class!

Playing Cards

Select cards from a full 54-card custom made playing cards from a birthday present.

Sather Gate

Originally created for a Cal Day promotional cover photo for Daily Cal, this is now a Berkeley Snapchat Geofilter!